Everyone deserves the dignity of a healthy family, healthy community and a healthy economy.

The government is us and we have the right to protect ourselves with laws and policies that are pro-family, pro-worker and pro-planet. Our joint future depends on us caring for each other.


Loving relationships and families are the building blocks of our society. As a mother and a daughter, there is nothing more important to me than the health of my family including my children and my parents.

My top priorities for creating and sustaining healthy, nurturing families in our state include:

• Developing and building a single payer healthcare system that provides affordable and quality healthcare coverage for all Michigan citizens

• Fulfilling our obligations to our seniors and disabled residents and family members by protecting and securing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid funding

• Creating and supporting initiatives and policies that focus on racial and gender equality in pay, education, healthcare, criminal justice, and housing

• Restoring and protecting comprehensive and affordable access to quality reproductive healthcare for all women in Michigan

• Assuring families have the right and the means to control their own family planning

• Developing, funding and supporting gun violence education and prevention programs, as well as sensible gun regulation policies

• Providing all Michigan children with a quality education and the opportunity to earn a college degree debt-free


We all do well when we all do better. I grew up in this community and moved back here to raise my children. I believe in our district and our state. I believe in the power of the state to address issues that the Federal government can’t seem to manage.

My top priorities for creating a healthy community include:

• Fighting for Social Justice and Equal Rights for all people regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation

• Toughening State gun regulations including closing loopholes that allow domestic abusers easy access to guns and the ability to keep the guns they already have

• Advocating for clean air, clean water, clean soil and safe food

• Properly supporting our police and firefighters by protecting their pensions, and funding training and civil rights education programs

• Creating policies that treat drug addiction as a health issue rather than a criminal justice problem

• Supporting our public education teachers by providing needed funding for pay, supplies, pensions and support

• Advocating for and securing funding for safe and well-kept green spaces and public parks in our district and across our state, and walkable, safe city centers

• Fighting for and providing adequate funding for Climate Action at the State level

• Ensuring proper revenue sharing with all of the State’s cities and townships


Public investment produces private success and a healthy economy for all. As a small business owner I personally understand the importance of investing in our small businesses, our workforce and our seniors. Healthy families and healthy communities cannot flourish without a healthy economy.

My top priorities for creating a healthy economy include:

• Addressing and repairing our failing infrastructure, including our roads, water systems and bridges

• Eliminating the so-called Right To Work laws in Michigan and replacing them with pro-worker and pro-union laws and protections

• Advocating for and supporting state-wide clean energy initiatives that include well paying clean energy jobs

• Protecting and properly funding safe, quality public education, skilled trades training, and debt-free college

• Addressing criminal justice reform, including sentencing guidelines and prisoner re-entry education and support

• Supporting the Prevailing Wage law and creating a livable wage law

• Advocating for and financially supporting small business growth and development

• Developing a fiscally sound single payer healthcare system for all Michigan residents that is pro-worker, pro-family and pro-business